why, when i search Yahoo Answers, does it only show results from 2016 or older, and NOT stuff from today?

try searching for mhtml.

nothing from this year. but i’ve seen 3 questions in the last week about it! why not show all results on the search results page?

6 Answers

  • Turn OFF your phone.   Wait 5 minutes.   Turn your phone back on.   

  • Because norty little girls should be in bed.

  • TRY getting a life

  • If you are doing a “Search Answers”, on the result screen you can limit the time frame to more current periods. It is a lousy search engine, but all we have. It may be that newer posts are not searched. What that time period is, we do not know.

  • Are you in the Discovery questions?. Look above the?questions. The Answer questions are the recent questions.  

    YA users have been complaining about this for YEARS. Verizon still hasn’t done anything about it. 

  • Quite simple.

    Those who created this site and its search engine are total rubbish.

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