Why will men tolerate it if…?

their sisters don’t cook/clean for them if they’re living together, but omen won’t tolerate it if their brothers try to live off them and not work, if they’re living together?

3 Answers

  • Everyone should have an equal amount of work to do around the house.

  • You’re still looking for excuses as to why it’s okay to exploit your brother (or male cousins, depending on which bullshlt story you’re telling)?

    Get a job, or get on psychiatric disability, and stop being a parasite and living off the men in your family.

  • Most sisters are willing to let their brothers live off them for quite some time. This is the experience in my family, at least. It’s only when it’s been months and the brother does absolutely nothing and starts taking advantage of it, does the sister become intolerable. The women usually cook (big pots) for all that live there, in my family. Regardless.

    I cook for my entire community on certain events.

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