Why won’t the post office let me send something as “large envelope” ?

Hi, I was using the shipping calculator, and for a delivery to qualify for “large envelope” it must be no more than 15’x12’ and 3/4” thick, max weight 13oz.  My letter is only 6.5” x 9” and 1/4” thick, weighing 2oz, should come out to $1.00 even.

The post office keeps telling me that I have to ship it as a first class package because it’s more than 1/4” thick, and because there’s a small bulged area (1/4” about), I guess they think I’m trying to send merchandise.

The only delivery method that can be no thicker than 1/4” is a regular letter, while the large envelope can be 3/4” thick. I don’t know if they don’t know their own policy from their own website, or if they’re playing games with me. I can’t afford to pay $5 every time I mail something.

Hey Pearl L, don’t be a smartass, they obviously won’t give me a straight answer, otherwise I wouldn’t be here in the first place

3 Answers

  • Your envelope is too tall to be considered a “large envelope”.  The maximum height for a large envelope is 6 1/8″ tall.  That is why you must mail your item as a “flat”.  If your PO is telling you it must be mailed as a package, inform them you are mailing a flat, not a package.

  • Regulations, as Pearl said, can be explained BY THE POST OFFICE. A 1/4 ” thick letter won’t pass thru automatic sorting machinery. It must be handled by a human. Other sized things have their reasons WE customers may not be aware of unless we had the exact problem you are experiencing. Can you write on two sides of the paper or use “onion skin” paper, which is very thin and light? If computer printed, can a smaller font reduce the number of sheets of normal paper?

    A 6 1/2″ wide envelope is not standard, so is THAT envelope not qualifying as a letter? Or as large envelope? Show the PO the website that seems to support YOUR argument. 

  • maybe you should ask them this question

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