Why would a bird and a squirrel fight?

today while my dad was opening his presents we saw the weirdest thing… O_o this bird (about 1/3 the size of a squirrel) was attacking this squirrel at one point the squirrel jumped on a 2 foot tree stump and the bird lost sight of it and walked away then when the bird was far away the squirrel jumped to off the stump and ran for it’s tree then the bird went after it again…

Why would the bird attack the squirrel why didn’t the squirrel fight back, and what the heck!!!

and when the squirrel got it’s tree another bird that lives in our yard helped attack the squirrel… it was very strange

it was a little black bird… =/

5 Answers

  • territory, red wing black birds are notorious for this

  • Were they Mockingbirds or Blue Jays?? Some birds are very territorial, especially this time of year when they are nesting. i had a mockingbird attack me the other day when I was mowing grass.

  • Probably territorial, or they wanted the same thing to eat and were not going to share.

  • Territorial or competition.

  • hahahhha, idk. mayb cause bird was pist off at squirrel for something.

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