Why would a girl stop texting me all of a sudden?

I started talking to this girl, and we were texting back and forth for at least a month or so. She always was really sweet and was a great conversationalist and it was cool to have a friend like that. But the past week or so she just seems to be getting distant, and now for the past few days she hasn’t responded to anything at all. Just think it’s strange because it’s not like her. She watches my Instagram stories tho, so I figured she’s on her phone. Can any girls enlighten me?

2 Answers

  • Maybe she’s bored of you? Maybe she’s got herself a boyfriend? Maybe she’s got a lot going on? Wait a few weeks and don’t text her. See if she texts you. If not she clearly wants nothing to do with you so move on

  • Maybe she has a man now?

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