Why would somebody want to become a nurse?

You have the stand for ridiculously long hours for so little pay. Why not become a doctor and get paid 3x more? According to google, median salary of nurse: 67,490 USD and median salary of doctor: 187,200 USD

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  • Well, I didn’t want to go to school for 8+ years and have a gazillion dollars of student loan debt. Plus, nursing and medicine are two distinct (but related) careers, and I wanted to be a nurse, not a doctor.

  • you can work anywhere, you can take care of yourself not having to rely on anyone you can start making money and go back to school not to be saddled with enormous debt you are respected

  • nurses usually have a dire urge to serve people and maybe they are not smart enough to get a medical degree and don’t want the liability a doctor would be burdened with, becoming a nurse fills her urge to serve

  • 67K is hardly “so little money”. But doctors and nurses do ompletely different things – some people prfer one, some people prefer the other. Andd btw to do what doctors do takes about 3 time the number of years of education.

  • I work in health care. There are generally about 20 job postings in my area at a time for my profession. For nurses it’s usually upwards of 150. Much more in some areas. I also like to be hourly and have company benefits. You will never be rich as a nurse but not poor either. There are also a wide variety of positions ranging from ones that are blood, guts and, glory to working for insurance companies

  • actually, not everyone can become a doc or even want that, and nurses dont stand for ridiculous amounts of time anymore unless they are in the OR

  • This is because they might not have the courage to deal with alot of blood,and they might not have been to university to get a doctors degree

  • Money

  • IDK, I know a girl who was making like 50 or 60 dollars an hour straight out of school(got offered a job at Stanford Hospital). Made her boyfriend jealous as he had been “moving up” in the same job for years and wasn’t making as much.

    And, as said before me, you don’t have to spend 11 years in school, and have the equivalent of a median mortgage in student loans to pay off when you get out.

  • An RN can become an RN with a 3 year Associate’s degree, or a 4 year BSN, after high school. An MD must complete a minimum of 11 years schooling after High School, is one reason.

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