WiFi Error: “Some information changed since the last time you connected. We need additional information to complete the connections.” Why?

Don’t know why I couldn’t add this before but my girlfriends WiFi seems to be acting weird with her new computer. Randomly the computer will disconnect from the internet and sometimes on start up (this is the more frequent of the two) and brings up the message above.

Does anyone know why it does this?

It’s a HP Pavilion and it’s running on Windows 8.1 (don’t know much more than that currently) and her WiFi is Virgin media. The internet is working fine for everyone else but her.

The password is still the same for everyone else and works for them but, unless the router is restarted, on my girlfriend’s laptop it refuses to accept the password.

3 Answers

  • After clicking on the Wifi Icon in the bottom right hand of your task bar, click “Network Settings” right above the on and off button for the Wifi. After being redirected to settings, click “Manage Wi-Fi settings” right below “Advanced options”. Now, once coming to yet another window, scroll down until you see the Wifi network you were not able to connect to. Click on it and proceed to click on “Forget”. After this, reconnect to the same Wifi Network and re-enter the password. It should smoothly connect. Did the same thing to me and I was on the brink of insanity. Hope this helps!

  • Go to command prompt (cmd) run it as administrator and type “netcfg -d” without the ” , and then reboot your PC.

  • They probably changed the password, and/or, they rebooted the system.

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