Will a rebuilt engine burn oil?

I just had the engine in my 1993 Geo Prizm rebuilt. It’s got new crankshaft, rings, valves, and lots of other stuff. It’s running great but I’ve noticed it burning some oil. I’ve driven it about 300 miles so far and it’s already about a half of quart low. I started it off with full synthetic oil. Just wondering why it is losing this oil? It’s not leaking and I don’t see any white smoke coming from the back. The guy who did the rebuilt says that these Geos were known for burning oil but I would think that after a complete rebuild that it shouldn’t burn a drop

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  • Not if it is Rebuilt the right way,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • It depends. As some engines naturally burn oil. If you notice smoke at start up, and pulling off from a stop light then I would be worried and conclude that the rebuilt was not done right if not then don’t worry, as some engine use more oil than others, just keep the oil checked and changed normally, and you’ll be fine. However keep in mind and observe the oil consumption weekly, and while you’re at it remove the spark plugs and check and see if they are oil fouled. If so then you have a problem.

  • I tend to side with you! Many REBUILDS are not as good as the factory job is! perhaps he used a different set of RINGS or did not hone the cylinders the right way??? SYNTHETIC is GREAT OIL< but there is also a BURN IN OIL that seats the rings best! THEN you follow up with SYNTHETIC after the rings have broken in! GOOD LUCK!!

  • Yea if someone who didn’t do it right

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