Will Alka-Seltzer work when used in fruit juice?

I’m wondering if Alka-Seltzer will be effective in treating cough and cold symptoms if used in juice instead of water. Does anyone know?

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  • Can I dissolve Alka-Seltzer tablets in something other than water?

    It is not recommend anything but water.

    While the tablets will dissolve in other liquids, the amount of fizz or time to full dissolution will change.

    Also, efficacy (power or capacity to produce a desired effect; effectiveness) have not been established when these products are dissolved in anything, but water.

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  • basically, the reason why pharmacists or any other doctor suggest water to be taken in with drugs is because water does not react to drugs when mixed together especially in the stomach.

    although alka-seltzer may work when used with fruit juice, it is not recommended since an unwanted reaction may take place when it goes down to your stomach. not all people can get to taste that experience but just to play safe, it is always wise to just dissolve it in water, also to maximize the effect of it.

  • There’s no reason it shouldn’t. It’s the Alka-Seltzer, not the water, that makes you feel better, and juice has more than enough water to activate it.

  • Yes. I use water, fresh lemon juice, and salt. Tastes much better than Alka-Seltzer and water by itself.

  • The term Pepsi is considered pornography in Atlanta (home of Coca Cola).But I will answer your question anyway. I would not like to see any drink powdered.The closest one was Tang and Poweraide Zero makes a bottled drink that taste similar. Because of the sugar content I try to stay away from soft drinks although I like Vernor’s Ginger Ale and Kroger’s generic Dr.Pepper.

  • IMHO – Not a good idea!

    It would taste yucky, at best. Though it might still help with your symptoms, I would prefer having a fruit juice ‘chaser’ instead.

    Use it they way the manufacturer suggests for best performance. If ‘they’ thought this was a good idea, they would have told you so. Follow recommendations.

    The Ol’ Sasquatch Ü

  • I don’t see why it wouldn’t work basically all alka selzer is is aspirin and i always drink milk when i down chewable asprins and it works even though the box recommends water.

  • yes

  • Yes it will work fine.

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