will concrete stick to wood?

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  • Concrete will not permanently sick to wood. Although when using wood for concrete forms its a good idea to oil the wood first.



  • No it will not. If you do not take certain precautions the wood will rot over a time. The water from the cement will be absorbed into the wood and after this dries from the wood you will be left with what is called dry rot. The only way to prevent this is to first of all paint the wood with a few coat of water proof paint/fluid. Secondly overlay it with roofing felt and thirdly fix down on it galvanised wire mesh. You can then lay your concrete on it. Remember to put in any electric cables you need before cementing etc.

  • That would be a no,wood is used to make forms when concrete is poured,like on sidewalks and steps,because it won't stick to concrete.

  • yes concrete will stick to wood and to stop this is use old motor oil and paint the wood

  • No, of course not. However if it's not a load bearing matter. Nail some ' expanded mesh' to the wood) Available at any builder merchants and use PVC in the cement mix.

  • Yes it will unless the wood is laminated and has an oil base on it, any other wood will stick to it very securely

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  • not permanently. but it will stick to your forms if you dont put some form oil on them...the reason brickies use wooden levels is that mortar wont stick to wood...

  • Why?

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