Will getting a passport be worth it?

I heard that some people can get their passports as soon as they turn 18, I never did mines though. I know the process and how to get it, the question is if I’m not traveling anywhere for a while would it actually be worth it?

Some people are even lucky to have one or travel as a kid. I didn’t do that obviously, but I would like to get my passport now, It’s just some complications.

7 Answers

  • I was born overseas and have funky birth certificates.  I’ve had a passport since I was very young, and because of those funky birth certificates, I NEVER let it expire.  I travel more than most people, so it’s necessary for me.  That said, I think there’s something very romantic about having a passport.  It’s like a ticket to the world. Maybe you don’t plan on flying to France next week, but if you have a passport, you could.

    You should also find out if your state is a “real ID” state.  Mine isn’t, so I use my passport, even when I’m flying domestically. 

  • It is so worth it because it will last you 10 years! It is also just a handy form of indentification. 

  • Yes, it’s worth hqaving a passport. The pandemic will end and you never know when you’ll have the chance to travel for work or pleasure.

  • Only you can answer the question of ‘will it be worth it (for you)’…

  • If you’re not going to travel, it isn’t worth it. However, if there’s a possibility you will travel, having one makes things convenient. If you decide to dash off to Paris next weekend and you don’t already have a passport, you will have to decide not to dash off to Paris next weekend, or spend extra time and money getting a passport in a hurry.

  • you’ll be glad you have it when you need it. i’d just get it over with if i were you

  • I only have one because so many jobs are strict about ID nowadays, I don’t really travel.

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