Will I be able to get an apartment if i’m 18 but still only a Junior in high school?

I’m 17 years old right now and a sophomore in high school. I did get held back one time. I will be 18 in October and will still just be starting out my Junior year. I am in desperate need of my independence, have some money saved up and I am also with the state because I am in foster care. I live in NJ, and was wondering if i could still get an apartment when i’m 18. Will I even have credit when I turn 18? Also, apparently the state will help with rent. But I’m not so sure they’ll help support me when I’m still a Junior in HS, but maybe they will. I get different answers everytime I ask. But for now, I still want to know if I’m in high school with enough money to support myself, with or without the rent help, would i be able to buy an apartment?

2 Answers

  • News for you, you got held back twice. Or your parents started you a year late and then you got held back.

    If you can afford it, they may rent to you.

  • Buy an apartment?? You must be kidding.

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