Will JIM BEAM freeze in a normal freezer?

I know you can put vodka in a freezer and it will not freeze – but can you do the same with Jim Beam Bourbon?

Yes I know that vodka etc will eventually freeze at the right temperature. I’m talking about your standard kitchen freezer.

6 Answers

  • To be blunt, Jim Beam would NEVER freeze before vodka and it takes a lot just to freeze vodka.. Basically, alcohol’s freezing temp is much lower than water and since jim beam has a higher proof than MOST vodkas…. It deff won’t freeze unless you plan on setting your freezer to negative temps lol.

  • You’d have to mix it with almost half water to get it to freeze in a normal freezer, if the Jim Beam is 40% alcohol.

  • No, not if the freezer is on normal settings…Jim Beam’s freezing point is lower than water.

  • Nah it wont at least not straight, its the alc/ vol percentage that determines it, you would be hard pressed to freeze a bottle of wine at 11% in most freezers, premixed jim will freeze though at lower than 0 celcius, as most bottle-o sell it from fridge around minus two celcius

  • They have similar % of alcohol by volume, it is this that will prevent it freezing in your standard freezer e.g approx -5C.

  • i don think so…i think it will prob do the same as the vodka and just get really cold

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