Will overdosing on Anti-Depressants kill you?

I AM JUST WONDERING; I do NOT want to kill myself. I have heard over and over again that overdosing on Anti-Depressants can easily kill you, and I was wondering if thats true or not.

Again, I am not depressed, I DO NOT want to kill myself. =]

I live a normal life.

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  • YES YOU CAN DIE! FYI, in July 2006 (wow, 2 years ago) I took all of my Elavil (amitriptyline), Lithium, Lexapro and Risperdal. If they hadn’t of got me to the hospital in time, they (the doctors) said I would have been dead in 30 minutes. I spent 2 weeks in ICU, and then 1 month on the psych ward. Please if you are considering taking all your meds….SEEK HELP! It is not worth the pain I went through. They said they pumped my stomach twice with charcoal, ran tubes in places you don’t want to think of, put 3 IV’s in my arms and induced bowel movements while I was unconscious.

    Please don’t attempt suicide, talk to a friend, loved one, call a doctor, go to your nearest hospital. Hell call 911 (in the US)

    I hope this was of some help!

    Take care!



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  • Yes. If you ever find out that someone you know or love has taken an overdose, call 911 immediately. They can be saved because the doctors can extract it from their system before it is digested. Hope I helped!

    If you aren’t sure about my answer, you can go to wikipedia.com and search it up. 😉

  • Straight answer: YES! (It’s true how big the OD is makes a difference… no one should OD!)

    Overdosing on plain air can kill some people! “ODing” is not good for anyone. Too much killed Marilyn Monroe & Elvis Presley.

  • Overdosing on ANYTHING can kill you. But definitely overdosing on pills, like antidepressants can surely kill you!

  • Ya anti-depressants will kill you in many different ways. First youll find your self bleeding from the nose then over stressed then heart failures and then kiss your life good bye.

  • Would an overdose of 2040 mg of lexapro combined with 60 mg of clonazepam and 1619 mg of venlafaxine hcl er be fatal.a friend of mine just told more she took all of this. She may have also taken more but not really sure.

  • Interesting what one of the posters said I have experienced without being on antidepressants and I’ve never been on drugs.

    What caused it was allergies (severe) especially under certain climate it kicked in to high gear + people were mowing their lawns who knows what they were growing and what was flying in the air (i.e. poison ivy etc.). My nose bled for hours in increments / rows. And I did almost have a heat stroke but I can picture what it is like to go through it ..it does hurt a lot.

    here’s an interesting site on it …:


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