Will the left wing fake news do everything in their power to pick apart Trump’s world tour including him having 2 scoops of ice cream?

Poor little snowflakes are gonna move my question now. LMAO

4 Answers

  • World Tour! Hahahahaha!

    You miserable trained-monkey republicans will believe anything, won’t you?

  • He’s hardly on a “world tour.” And why didn’t Trump’s “Muslim bans” include Saudi Arabia? 15 of the 19 9/11 hijackers were Saudis. And the media doesn’t need to do anything to “pick apart” Trump; all they need is actual facts to expose the Trumpia lies, which come out fast and furious any time Trump opens his mouth.

  • I’m sure they will say something to make fools of themselves

  • To be fair, he was pretty into talking about his chocolate cake after the missile strike on Syria…

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