WMPError(C00D11E2) Netflix problem?

when i tried to play the instant movie on netflix and it load up to 98% then it said the thing below i tried to reset it but it did'nt work so any solutions?

Microsoft DRM software error

Your Microsoft Digital Rights Management software is not working properly and needs to be reset.

To resolve this issue, please call Netflix technical support at 1-866-402-2616, or contact technical support here and report the following error code:

If you are comfortable running a utility to fix this problem yourself, you may also follow the instructions in our FAQ on the Reset DRM Utility.


A Windows Media Digital Rights Management (DRM) component encountered a problem. If you are trying to use a file that you obtained from an online store, try going to the online store and getting the appropriate usage rights.

2 Answers

  • If you are using Windows Media Player 10 or 11, sometimes installing the Windows Media Player SDK runtime environment will solve your issues. Netflix has provided the SDK runtime environment> http://www.netflix.com/pages/previews/wmf11.exe

    If this solution does not work, you will need to reset your DRM component. You can easily reset your DRM by using Netflix’s DRM Reset Utility.> http://www.netflix.com/pages/previews/resetdrm.exe

  • I've also noticed this issue and it's definitely something that changed very recently. An update from their side is most likely as it seems to be hitting different regions in waves. I actually have a 60Mb internet connection and receive an incredibly fast load time for this new data hog of a menu but it still seems like an incredible waste of time... I'm not real sure why they would take away such a useful function from the ps3 menu... Quite frankly I've considered the option of streaming from the XBox 360 and the Wii and chose the PS3 option because not only was it free like the Wii, but it was so much more functional... I'll just suspend my account for a couple months and give them time to fix their mistake... If not I suppose it's time to just cancel it altogether... If it weren't for the streaming service I wouldn't subscribe anyways... So thanks Netflix... You may have just saved me $8 a month!

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