World Breaker Hulk vs Doomsday?

Don’t give me any of that “Hulk is only Hulk when he’s angry crap.” Hulk has on more than one occasion remained Hulk for extended periods of time while calm. And in some stories he gets physically separated from Banner. So the entire argument is stupid.

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  • Hulk would always win.

    This World Breaker Hulk is much stronger than previous incarnations. Besides, if Doomsday adapts, the only thing Hulk has to to is get angrier. Doesn’t matter if Doomsday is 100 times stronger than the Hulk, because he just has to get 100 times as madder, and way STRONGER.

  • Who says he’s only the Hulk when he’s angry? That hasn’t been true for a quarter of a century!

    Wow, hate being reminded how much time flies.

    Anyhow, though the two characters are a lot alike- Doomsday having been created as a way of finally pitting the Hulk vs. Superman question to its final conclusion- there is one vitally important distinction between the two: the Hulk gets stronger as he gets angrier, while Doomsday gets stronger by going until he dies.

    If you read his origin, he didn’t start out that powerful. He could be beaten at first, but every time he died, he came back to life, always stronger than whatever killed him. And unlike the Hulk, his new power levels never diminish and are permanent.

    Right now it’s a toss-up. The whole world-breaker deal didn’t actually establish some new mode for the Hulk, it established that the Hulk’s strength need not be limited by his intelligence, when before it was assumed that a smart Hulk could never reach the power levels that the stupid one could. Hulk gets angrier he gets stronger, and stupid Hulk gets angry pretty easily. Smart Hulk can’t maintain that kind of anger and doesn’t need it to stay the Hulk, but if he becomes obsessively angry, he can still surpass his older levels, so if the Hulk had a family and it was killed by Doomsday, he could win.

    Then Doomsday would rise again and kick the crap out of him, and the Hulk would have to surpass himself again to fight him off. Which he probably would, and thoroughly enjoy himself while he’s at it.

    I don’t see him doing this in perpetuity, though, so it’s really a question of how many times you expect them to clash.

    Short run: Hulk. Long run: Doomsday.

  • What determines a win? If the Hulk knock Doomsday into space does he win? Can Doomsday come back and attack the Hulk after he has adapted and recovered? If Doomsday injures the Hulk and jumps away (because he got distracted by Superman flying by) can the Hulk recover and attack Doomsday from behind?

    At the power levels your question starts at, World-breaker Hulk would knock Doomsday into space. This is the same thing Superman should have done on their first encounter. Doomsday can’t fly (or can he now?) and would not be able to return. If Doomsday can fly, the fight would keep going as Doomsday adapts to the Hulk. The Hulk gets angrier and stronger. Endless cycle.

  • I personally think it would depend on where the battle is held and what determines the win. If they fight on an abandoned planet, then Hulk can go full-bore because the only person he can hurt is the one he’s fighting. However, if they’re on Earth, I think that World-breaker’s going to try and stop himself.

    They both have the same basic power set; strength, speed, durability, healing, and adaptation. Now, Doomsday is faster and can adapt quicker – but I think that Hulk might be stronger and able to heal faster.

    If it’s (the win) determined by B[attle]F[ield]R[emoval], then I think Worldbreaker will win. However, if it’s KO, this could go on forever. Literally. If it’s determined by death, well, seeing as both characters are practically immortal, it’s gonna be a while before you find out a winner.

    So, I’m really not sure who’s gonna win this fight. It’s actually pretty even, and I’d give the Hulk the edge for strength, but I’d also say that DD has an edge because of speed.

    I know I haven’t really helped, but if we weren’t determining this by fan votes (*cough cough* previous Marvel vs DC crossovers), then they are pretty evenly matched.

  • Hulk MIGHT win the first battle, but he has NO chance after that. Doomsday’s ability to adapt to any threat would offset any hope for the Hulk.

  • Hulk.

  • In the end doomsday if hulk killed doomsday dooms day would slowly regenerate but when something kills doomsday he is immune to what killed him and doomsday slowly gains resistance to what hurts him so eventually no matter how mad hulk got his punches and kicks ect ect would have lesser and lesser effects against doomsday

  • hulk

  • World Breaker Hulk is NOT the same as World War Hulk. They are different aspects of the Hulk’s personna. World Breaker’s steps shatter the land beneath his feet due to the level of power he emanates. Doomsday takes a while to heal, depending upon how he was killed. The Hulk heals instantly in WB mode. He would demolish Doomsday in the first battle and depending on how he kills him, it will be a while before he can regenerate. Simply put. The fight is over. He’d win the next ones as well. Eventually, he’ll throw Doomsday to the sun.

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