Would you consider Juicy Couture to be “ghetto”?

My friend thought it was. i know it’s an upper class brand, but idk.


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  • I consider it to be trashy. I tend to stay casual on the dressy side, but I would never wear it and I’m 24. There are so many different brands that have the “ghetto style” for a cheaper price, and in my opinion including all of my friends would rather buy things from a Wal-Mart with “Sexy” on their butt if they want to go that far. Lots of reviews state that most people hate Juicy. Just because it’s expensive, doesn’t make it look good. Think about the swan gowns and how ugly and expensive they were.

  • Ghetto Couture

  • juicy couture is pretty nasty for how expensive it is. if i was wealthy enough to buy things in that price range there aint no way i would waste my money on lookin like ghetto ho. hope i didnt offend anyone =)

  • Um NO. Your friend is very ignorant if she labels clothes as “ghetto”. A neighborhood is a ghetto, not a clothing brand. What a dumb ***.

  • umm, not at all. it is definitely stuff that only the upper class can afford, u r totally right. not ghetto. :]

  • The tracksuits that say JUICY on the *** are 🙂 What sort of classy person would wear that?

  • no its not well if you wear it “ghetto” then i guess it would “look” “ghetto” but really it is a high class brand for middle class people that can sorta afford

    help with mine


  • No..it’s too expensive for people who live in the ghetto.*

  • it’s a high price brand… but I think it’s ghetto.

  • That’s a high class company….

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