Would you rather live in a one-storey house, a two-storey house or a three-storey house?

7 Answers

  • A one storey house is cheaper to heat and cool and maintain.

  • I’d rather live in our single-story house in the country than our 3-story house in the city, but due to location, not the number of stories. The “location” is directly related to access to other things and the respective view and solitude, not to mention the property taxes (on 800 acres in the country versus higher taxes on 1 acre in the city).

  • I have always lived in a two story house while growing up and once I bought my own home when I was 24 years old.

    Here I am, decades later, still in my two story home.

    Howsoever, when I downsize, I will sell my 2 story home and purchase a one story house to live out the rest of my life. 

  • A one storey house would be good for my hubby and me, we’ve both got arthritis these days,

  • Currently, my house has two main stories that we live in. Planing on moving over the next decade and when we do, no more stairs.

  • Most of the houses I work on are six storey (kitchen, formal dining, living rooms, master bed, other beds, nursery). After a day tramping up and down stairs, I am grateful I live in a ground floor apartment.

  • One storey. Easier on the knees.

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