Would you say that you are a busy person?

Are you hard to reach because you are so busy?

6 Answers

  • I am a person who needs a lot of space, so sometimes I am hard to reach because I’m busy having alone time 

  • People say I’m hard to get a hold of but come on I’m not constantly available to everyone I know. To me alone time is necessary 

  • I am busy, but I am not hard to reach. If I can’t answer someone’s call the moment I receive it, I always call back. I think it is rude when people think being busy justifies not contacting people who need them for some reason. It’s just a lousy excuse. 

  • I’m always on the go all the time especially looking after my elderly mother.

  • No, not at all. I am lazy and don’t even want to do anything with anyone. People always make me upset because they also want me to stay away from them.

  • I’m not a busy person.  I like to keep my schedule free and open.

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