Write the formula for the following using brackets to indicate coordination sphere?

Write the formula for each of the following compounds, being sure to use brackets to indicate the coordination sphere.

pentaaquaiodiomanganese (III) perchlorate

tris (ethylenediamine) cobalt (III) tris (oxalato) ferrate (II)

2 Answers

  • [Mn(H2O)5I](ClO4)2



    By the way, I’m pretty sure it should be trioxalato not trisoxalato. Bis, Tris, tetrakis etc are used when there’s already a greek prefix in the name of ligand such as ethylenediamine which already has the prefix di- in it’s name. Since there’s no greek prefix in oxalato you should use di-, tri-, tetra- etc.

  • Cobalt Iii Perchlorate

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