www.webgrants4students.org legit?

After I filled out FAFSA I got an email from www.webgrants4students.org saying that my cal grant eligibility was determined and I have to go to their site to sign up and view it. When I click on the link it redirects to http://whois.domaintools.com/ca.gov

Click the Other Tabs.. Site Profile, Registration Ect for Alot of Info.

Cant say I’ve Used It Though 🙂

It’s A Registered Site & It’s Been Archived since 2006.

  • Since is a California government website (ca.gov), it is legitimate. If that is exactly what you see in the address bar it is OK, as a .gov site can only be made and run by the government. They aren’t going to steal your information.

  • the links don’t even work.

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