Yes or No~ You’re smiling because you’re thinking about that special person?

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  • *smiles, thinks fondly of her and about her for she has always been by his side through thick and thin… and more importantly, stayed loyal to him after all those years*…..she knows his character, his heart and more than anything… that he’s always had a place just for her deep down his heart*… 

    She often feels neglected and forgotten… but only if she knows the truth… she would smile. He knows he doesn’t need to explain things to her… she knows and she understands and that’s what makes her extremely special to him and she knows it. 

  • I’m smiling because I’m not surprised.

  • No, if they are talking then most people are smiling because they are talking.

  • i am smiling cause  i read the word “smiling” in the question ,

    in the field of psychology its refereed to as a mental association or conditioned response 


      Thank you for the question

  • No, I’m smiling because I just ate some cereal.

  • No. The only special person is me and I don’t need to smile for that.

  • yeah, specially when i remember something i did crazy thing with my friends :p

  • No I am not smiling right now 😴😞 and not thinking of this “special person” whoever they may be.

  • Yes                      

    Ms Batty

  • Yes. I’m grinning from ear to ear actually…

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