You heard me before, Yet you hear me again, Then I die, ‘Till you call me again. What am i?

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  • Echo!!! darn sum1 already answered dat!!!!

    like to share a lovely poem with all about Echo!

    A poem titled ECHO (A poem for summer)


    I stood on the banks of a swift flowing river

    While I marked its clear current roll speedily past,

    It seemed to my fancy for ever repeating

    That the dearest enjoyments of life would not last.

    Oh! tell me, I said, rapid stream of the valley,

    That bear’st in thy course the blue waters away,

    Can the joys of life’s morning awake but to vanish,

    Can the feelings of love be all doom’d to decay?

    An Echo repeated, “All doomed to decay.”

    Flow on in thy course, rapid stream of the valley,

    Since the pleasures of life we so quickly resign,

    My heart shall rejoice in the wild scenes of nature,

    And friendship’s delights while they yet may be mine.

    Must all the sweet charms of mortality perish,

    And friendship’s endearments, Ah! will they not stay?

    The simple enchantments of soft blooming nature,

    And the pleasures of mind, must they too fade away?

    The Echo slow answered, “They too fade away.”

    Then where, I exclaimed, is there hope for the mourner,

    A balm for his sorrow, a smile for his grief?

    If beautiful scenes like the present shall vanish,

    Where, where shall we seek for a certain relief?

    Oh! fly, said my soul, to the feet of thy Saviour,

    Believe in his mercy, for pardon now pray,

    With him there is fullness of joy and salvation,

    Thy gladness shall live, and shall never decay:

    The Echo said sweetly, “Shall never decay.”

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    You heard me before, Yet you hear me again, Then I die, ‘Till you call me again. What am i?

  • You Heard Me

  • Echo

  • An echo.

  • Your cell phone.

  • 2 pts !!!

  • conscience

  • an echo!! dammit!! u tryin to make us scoff at u?

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