Youtube video won’t play after the ad?

I’ve started watching anime or tv shows on YouTube. But all of a sudden when I get to the middle youtube will play a commercial.

When the commercial/ad is done, it just stops. I can’t go back or forward and have to refresh, let it all load again, only to have it happen again.

What can I do to stop this??

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  • If you are experiencing either: A) slugglish loading

    or buffering, B) that “spinning circle” looking like it

    could seemingly go on forever, C) “choppy” videos

    that start/stop/start/stop frequently, or D) vids that

    sometimes come to a complete freeze….

    Exit out of YouTube (but not your browser) and do

    one of the steps below. Afterwards, shutdown and

    reboot. Not only will this “unclog” your computer’s

    “cache”, it will make everything “fresh”, and faster:

    Internet Explorer 6:

    → Tools → Internet Options

    → Delete Cookies → OK

    → Delete Files → OK

    → Clear History → Yes

    → OK

    Internet Explorer 7:

    → Tools → Internet Options → Delete…

    → Delete files → Yes

    → Delete cookies → OK

    → Delete history → OK

    → Close (browsing history window)

    → OK

    Internet Explorer 8:

    → Tools → Delete Browsing History

    [. ] Preserve Favorites (leave blank)

    [x] Temporary Internet files

    [x] Cookies

    [x] History

    → Delete

    Mozilla Firefox 3:

    → Tools → Clear Private Data

    [x] Browsing History

    [x] Download History

    [x] Saved Form and Search History

    [x] Cache

    [x] Cookies

    → Clear Private Data Now

    Apple Safari 3:

    → Edit → Preferences

    → Security (tab) → Show Cookies

    → Remove All → Done

    after that:

    → Safari → Empty Cache → Empty

    after that:

    → History → Clear History

    Google Chrome:

    → Tools (wrench) → Clear browsing data…

    [x] Clear browsing history

    [x] Clear download history

    [x] Empty the cache

    [x] Delete cookies

    Clear data from this period: → Everything

    → Clear Browsing Data



  • This situation could be due to an incomplete copy is stuck in your browser’s cache. If this is the case, the video will never fully buffer/load in this state.

    You can attempt to resolve the situation and restart the video’s buffering (loading) by clearing your browser’s cache. To clear your browser’s cache, follow the instructions listed here:

    http:// support/youtube/bin/

    If after clearing your browser’s cache, the video still will not play completely, you might want to check the stability of your internet connection. An unstable internet connection could be a reason for which the video will not load / buffer completely. You’ll need a broadband connection with at least 500+Kbps for the best viewing experience.

    A video may not play smoothly for the following reasons:

    1. Your connection speed. As mentioned above, you’ll need a broadband connection with at least 500+Kbps for the best viewing experience.

    2. Our servers may be experiencing high traffic. If this is the case, there’s not much you can do. However, we are continuously adding servers to keep up with demand and improve your experience on our site.

    3. Your video download speed may be slow or inconsistent. In this case, you can try pausing the video until the entire stream is downloaded (the loading bar reaches the end of the player), and then, once the video’s completely loaded try playing the video.

    4. Occasionally, an incomplete copy of a video can get stuck in your cache and never fully download. You can re-attempt the download of the video by clearing your browser’s cache.

    Hope that serves you, regards!

  • Because Google wants us all to start using Google Chrome so youtube (which google owns) is currently encountering some technical difficulties with other web browsers.

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