zante laganas where is the main strip?

clubs in zante laganas

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  • The main strip is located on the long main street that leads down to the shore and is awash with late night clubs, loud music and fast food outlets. You really can’t miss it.

    The smaller streets leading off the main drag have more family friendly bars, some specializing in English karaoke, live entertainment and Greek nights

    See google map, make sure to check mark BARS, to show it on the map.

    Zakynthos (Zante) Laguanas Nightclub Guide

    Have a fun time.

  • Zante Strip

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    zante laganas where is the main strip?

    clubs in zante laganas

  • If you like it loud and hectic, its the place for you. The beach is beautiful, but the rest is awful! However the shop owners of Laganas are aware of the problems as well and are trying to change the type of tourists going there. So, eventually next summer, things have calmed down a lot there.

  • Most of embassies advise people not to travel to destinations like Greece, Somalia or Kyrgyzstan in such times, and is the possibility the situation might escalate and occupy the airport in order to make their voices heard. I would suspect the islands might not be affected as in Athens for example, however it always takes a small group people with ‘problems’ to affect the tourists’ life. Keep an eye on the news and Home office web site.

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