How long will it take to bike 40 miles?

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How long will it take to bike 40 miles

I am 15 years old and am in fairly good physical condition. I have been slowly increasing my mileage for the past month or so; the ƒᴀʀтhest I have biked so far is 25 miles, but my available ‘free-time’ is running out so I am thinking about just going for the 40 miles this week. It would be on local county roads (mostly paved), a few back roads (gravel), and some moderate hills (I live out in the country of MN). I believe my bike is a mountain bike, but I am not sure. Any other tips for my big biking adventure? Thanks!

To go 25 miles it takes me just under two hours (around 1 hour 40 minutes). Part of my goal is to go non-stop, minus the braking at intersections to take a sip of water.


Fornoob Team’s answer: On relatively flat roads as it sounds like you ride on it should take a recreational cyclist just over 2 hrs to ride forty miles. However if you have yet to ride more than 25 miles realize that you will probably start slowing down and those last 10-15 miles of a ride are usually rather hard. so looking at your speed i would say it would take around 3.5 hours.

You ask for any other tips… i would seriously look into getting a proper road bike, it will make your riding long distances on pavement far easier due to its lighter frame (my road bike is 15 pounds lighter than my mountain bike) and the slick tires have far less rolling resistance than mountain bike tires. also i would recommend clipless peddles and cycling cleats. It takes a while to get used to being attached to your bike but you are able to peddle more efficiently since you can not only push down but also pull up at the same time.

Keep working up your distances… cycling is a lot of fun

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